• What integrations are offered?

    Dental Symphony has direct integration with Dentrix G6.3+, Eaglesoft and Open Dental.

    Dental Symphony was one of the very first Dentrix Connected Partners and therefore has deep Dentrix integration.

    Dentrix Connected Eagle Soft Open Dental
  • No. Dental Symphony provides a HIPAA secure online portal registration system with forms optimized for tablet and mobile use. Custom forms can be created to collect specific information, but look will not match PDF appearance.

  • We have a very fast set up and installation time! Usually this can be done on one day and depending on the number of computers and the practice management application your office uses, it usually takes between 1-2 hours to get set up. After this is finished, we will schedule a training time with your office.

  • The Clinical Team consists of distinguished dentists, physicians, pharmacologists and academicians who have created the libraries and point-of-care support information that gives Dental Symphony its distinctive character and underlying value. They generate and manage the clinical information to keep Dental Symphony relevant to the ongoing practice of dentistry.

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