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Let your staff focus on the patient and not the paperwork. A HIPAA secure, online portal that works alongside any PMS system gives your new and updating patients a modern, sophisticated and paperless experience; all while eliminating the tedious daily tasks for your staff.

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Our revolutionary patient Presentations help protect dental practices against liability claims by giving you peace of mind that you've provided your patients all of the necessary information to support your treatment plan.

From presenting contactless hygiene reports, to welcoming your new patients, Presentations educates your patients, eases patient anxiety and helps to sell complex cases thereby increasing your case acceptance rate.

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Dental Symphony’s unique periodontal charting system includes the power to chart in seconds and then track and graph changes over time.

A standalone periodontal charting system that is unmatched in ease, speed, power and functionality designed to make life easier for hygienists, periodontists and general dentists who address periodontal issues.



Our Clinical Team, made up of leaders in the dental, medical and academic field, came together to solve the problem of deep clinical gaps existing in current dental software.

Their goal was to create online tools that gave dentists a better way to more safely treat their patients with complex medical conditions by filling in those foundational clinical gaps.

Meet our clinical team
Clinical team

Harkening back to the formative learning experiences of dental students, our Clinical Team created what is now our unique medical history summary.

Immediately after a patient submits their medical history form on the portal, a summary is automatically created for every patient.

The summary starts with alerts in red at the top and then goes down by medical system, showing physician insight if needed and ending with drug descriptions including dental clinical concerns.

Download a sample medical history summary

Adult Child

Our medical history summary is a systematically organized report that contains additional information gained by virtually querying patients regarding reported conditions.

It helps you pinpoint:

  • Critical risks (i.e. hemostasis issues, risk for infection)
  • Medical conditions and how they might affect dental treatment
  • Follow up details about conditions
  • Drug descriptions
  • Drug actions, interactions, and reactions
Meical history

Our system defaults to “no or with-in normal limits” so you are not wading through a bunch of no answers, muddying up the critical information you need to see and making the forms easy and quick for the patient.


Built to support you and your staff during a patient emergency, we provide step by step instructions to help manage a responsive or unresponsive patient, while waiting for the ambulance.

Emergency buttons

The point of care support designed by the Dental Symphony Clinical Team follows this outline for all reported conditions. It helps anticipate all questions a dentist may have about their patient’s reported conditions and what to speak to their physician about.

The Clinical Team also provides a specialized library of condition and drug information regarding precautions you should take and advice on how to avoid and manage problems during treatment. Other clinical resources include access to the ADA evidence based library and the CATs library.

point of care

The MCS button allows you a systematic approach to classify the “medical complexity status” for a patient as it relates to the potential for adverse events during treatment.

It informs, at sight potential adverse medical events and potentially necessary modifications of dental treatment protocols. This was created by our Clinical Team member, Dr. Michael Glick.




Learn how well your patients are engaging with your practice. Track the number of newly created patients,analyze patient demographics by age or gender, understand patient portal engagement, review portal happiness ratings and more!

Analytics laptop
Analytics tablet

Study the demographics of medical conditions within your own patient population.

Quickly see which major medical diseases are most common in your practice and what the top medications are that your patients are taking.

Prepare yourself and your staff for managing patients with complex conditions taking multiple medications.

Dentistry is serious business. Patient care is serious business.
You should expect a serious system to be at the point-of-care with you throughout your dental career.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Teledentistry

Using the ADA recommended questions, our screening form can be completed by patients at home, in the car, or in the office. Eliminate the paper and confusion for this critical information.

Use our Teledentistry request form to prepare for contactless appointments. After the call, send your findings and recommendations to the patient using our unique Teledentistry Presentation.

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